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Chemical, Mechanical Engineering Training Courses

Code CM-345 City Paris Hotel Hotel Meeting Room Start 2023-07-24 End 2023-07-28 Hours 25 Price 5950 EUR

This course covers the selection and use of chemicals used in oil and gas production. As oilfields mature more water is produced which requires the use of more chemicals to maintain production. Chemicals used for controlling corrosion, emulsions, foaming, mineral scales, paraffins (waxes), asphaltenes, gas hydrates, hydrogen sulfide scavengers, and water clarifiers are covered. The course includes methods to determine the need for chemical treating, how to select the proper chemicals, and how testing for chemical compatibility with the formation and other chemicals is performed. Requirements for environmentally friendly products and products for deep water production are discussed. The course will include how the use of chemicals can prevent problems, improve production and economics, and extend the life of the production equipment. Due to its modular construction, this course can be offered on an in-house basis with expansion of some of the major sections and deletion of others to suit the needs of individual client groups. Should you desire this approach, please contact us.

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